At Naxos, when the sun sets behind the wavy shape of Paros it’s time to sit down with a bunch of friends in a taverna – you choose the one you prefer as long as it is a REAL taverna and not a disguised fast food. The culinary choices are many and for every taste, including vegetarian (zucchini balls, stuffed aubergines & tomatoes), but you cannot miss, as long as your chosen diet allows it, of course, a fleshy tentacle of grilled octopus accompanied by a glass of ouzo. At the end of dinner, before a good cup of coffee (and maybe a cocktail – we particularly like Black russian) in a bar on the paralia which takes its name from a famous greek philosopher (the one who went around carrying a lantern, looking for Man), do not forget a shot of raki, the famous brandy from Crete. And if you ever run into a talkative and barefoot host  who looks like Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, be prepared for a joyful alcoholic marathon… and postpone your coffee hour!

3 thoughts on “OCTOPUS, OUZO & RAKI

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